Why is there a decreasing population of Bachelor of Secondary Education?

In most economies, in order to qualify for a position of a high school teacher one of the basic requirement is a Bachelor of Secondary education degree. Thanks to this, a lot can be said regarding the quality of education being witnessed today. However, if the current state of affair is anything to go by, then the educational sector is going to suffer a crisis in the nearby future.

According to research, the number of students undertaking Bachelor of Secondary education is drastically reducing. While some of students loss of interest in the course can be attributed to their own individual reasons a majority of them do attribute it to external factors. The following are some of the reasons that said to lead to a reduction in the population of students undertaking the course.

Higher costs of education

Inasmuch as teaching is one of the best paying profession in the world today, very few individuals are far from enjoying its rewards thanks to the increasing costs of education. With the increasing costs of education all over the world, most students are dropping out of bachelor’s education program and enrolling in vocational courses. While most governments are trying to bridge in this gap, very little can be seen as this factors still remains the number one reason for the reduced number of decrease in Bachelor of education we have in the economy today.

The changing demand in education

Those in the educational sector will tell you that inasmuch as the advancement in technology is an added advantage in the education system, to some extent it is not. With the modernized online classes and tutorials, very few people are making their way to the traditional classrooms. As if this not enough, the modernized learning system provide students with;

     Learning convenience as they can choose what time to learn

     Reduced costs of tuition and

     A wide range of learning materials

Thanks to these benefits majority of students have substituent the traditional classes with online classes thereby reducing the demand for teachers. This has directly reduced the population of students enrolling for secondary education www.samedayessay.com.

While it is hard to believe, this is the harsh reality of the matter on the ground. Compared with many years ago, currently the quality of bachelor of secondary education has reduced drastically. These days there are fewer research compared to previous years. As a result of this most students are turning to vocational courses hence the decrease in these numbers.

For an economy to thrive, education needs to be at its peak. Currently, going by the bachelor of secondary education statistics everything is pointing towards the opposite direction; however this wave can be changed by fixing the above causative factors. The sooner we are at the better for our education industry. 

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